What is Damascus steel ?

Damascus stainless steel kitchen knives are the only choice for top chefs because they are crafted using a special process that heats and compresses 67 layers of high-grade steel to create a blade that's not only exquisite in design but also tough, durable and razor sharp.

What's the history of Damascus steel?

Named after the Syrian city, Damascus steel originated in the Middle East and was used to craft sword blades known to be strong, shatter resistant and razor sharp with a resilient edge.
Renowned for its intricate patterns that come from welding the many layers of metal together, Damascus steel has had a legendary reputation over the centuries for its sheer power. This is what makes it so popular today with top chefs and amateur cooks because it combines beauty with strength, durability, and performance.

How exactly is it made? 

Damascus is the process of taking many layers of metal and heating them to a high temperature. That metal then gets compressed together, either by rolling it through a massive mangle or hammering it into one piece with a huge hammer.

The compression process generates layers of different types of steel so that when the knife is sharpened, the angle reveals the Damascus-style lined pattern. This process is also known as 'pattern-welded'.

 Why Damascus steel is the best

The composition of different metals makes for a stronger blade compared with one piece of solid steel. It is this structure that enables a Damascus steel knife to cut more easily and precisely while remaining sharper for longer.

This edge retention and superior performance makes for a more efficient food preparation experience, which is why it's the chef's tool of choice in a busy kitchen environment.

It has now exploded in popularity among amateur chefs who love to host friends and family and want to give their cooking a professional edge. 





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