Why does great design make you feel so good?

Great design appeals to our emotions.

Our senses help us to connect to the world we live in and is directly related to how we feel. Products with great design appeal to two of these senses – sight and feel - and in doing so, they can make us feel really good when we interact with them.


We all recognize beauty in our lives and we look to surround ourselves with it. We’re attracted to beautiful people, want to live in beautiful homes and spend our holidays visiting beautiful holiday destinations. Why? Because they make us feel great. So shouldn’t the products we buy and use. Great design brings an ethereal comfort, effortlessly making the simplest things, just better.

Shouldn't everyday things be beautiful too?

When we see aesthetic beauty in the form of exceptional design we experience physical pleasure. Therefore, adding small touches of beauty to your life can actually help to bring you happiness and well-being.


Think of the sensation of handling a well-designed and high-quality product, beautiful fabrics, tools that seem to just fit into your hand. Even the simple kitchen knife.The pleasure that it gives you as its balanced weight sits in your hand and as its sharp blade slices through its preparation tasks. It gives you the powerful feeling that you’re in complete control of your tool, and with it, the environment that you’re in.

Beauty that lasts

Items that are well-designed and made with skill last longer, giving you a lifetime of enjoyment and also representing better value for money than cheaply made alternatives. They also work better, which is more efficient and feels great!

Compare the pride and enjoyment you would get from taking out your elegant, beautifully designed wallet or iPhone case, against that of a cheap plastic one that you bought at the market.

Fun and nostalgia

Products with a great design can also appeal to our sense of fun or stimulate nostalgia. Whether they remind us of something from our childhood, a forgotten tradition, or simply make us smile. These everyday items have their own stories to tell. They attract attention and stimulate conversation, connecting us with those around us.

And that’s why the things we use in our daily lives should be beautifully designed.