The Pinterest Generation: The Rise of handmade

Over the past few decades, mass production has boomed to the point where the consumer is no longer connected to the product they are purchasing. Huge factory facilities around the world (often with questionable ethics) churn out cheap, throwaway items for big brands to feed fast consumption.

The Pinterest Generation

In answer to this deeply unsatisfying status quo, a generation of people that love handmade, artisan products are becoming a growing online community. you can see the results of this desire for a deeper connection to the products we buy on social media sites like Pinterest.

Browse this image-focused platform and a world of handmade, artisan ideas and products opens up to you. You can find almost anything you can imagine, from exquisite furniture and jewellery to handcrafted leather goods, from belts to bags to iPad Cases.

Why do we have such an affinity with handmade?

Since the beginning of humankind, we have utilized our hands and tools to improve our everyday lives, becoming the dominant species on earth as a result.

In a fast and overwhelming modern world, we want to feel more connected. We want to have more tactile experiences and we want the material things we buy to last us for many years.

Knowing that someone has lovingly handcrafted something we own allows us to feel that connection to another person (the artisan), and reassures us that it won't break or degrade in a short period of time.

"Beautiful design brings us joy"

One common characteristic of handmade, artisan products is exquisite design. When something is aesthetically pleasing in addition to making us feel connected, it makes us happy every time we see, feel or use it.

Handmade is here to stay

With the success of Pinterest and marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and Not On The High Street, the handmade by artisans movement is growing in popularity. This technology savvy Pinterest Generation is making it easy and affordable to surround yourself with beautiful items that give life just that little bit more meaning.